Labor and EmploymentThe best way to handle labor and employment disputes is to prepare in advance and seek to prevent them altogether. There are numerous state and federal employment laws that may impact your business. Having well-constructed employment policies and an employee manual are among the tools that can help prevent many problems from occurring. However, when a problem does arise, you need an attorney who is familiar with both state and federal employment laws to represent you.

Federal and State Regulation Compliance

Illinois businesses must comply with applicable pay laws. These include the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act (IWPCA), and the Illinois minimum wage law (IMWL). Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in steep fines and penalties being assessed against your business. We help make sure you understand how these rules, as well as other state and federal regulations impact your business. We also work to help employers understand classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt as well as independent contractor rules.

Employee Policy Requirements

Crafting a working policy manual can be confusing because there are numerous rules that should be covered. A comprehensive employee handbook is designed to provide notice to employees of standard working hours, overtime pay, vacation and sick time.  A well-drafted handbook should also include policies relating to business equipment usage (including acceptable internet and computer usage), harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence. Donnelly Law LLC can help you draft or review your comprehensive employment manual to ensure that you are protected and minimize the potential for problems later.

Posted by: kshain on June 21, 2016