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tortBusiness Tort Law/ Tortious Interference

When you or your business contracts are being interfered with by a competitor, you should seek out Donnelly Law LLC to provide you with practical, results-oriented advice.  The nature and scope of the interference could lend itself to an approach short of filing an immediate lawsuit.  On the other hand, circumstances may dictate that you should seek immediate court intervention (such as a Temporary Restraining Order and injunctive relief) to stop the interfering conduct.  If handled properly at the early stages, these types of cases can often be resolved amicably with little or no costly litigation.  On the other hand, if aggressive litigation is warranted, Donnelly Law LLC has extensive experience to protect your rights and seek the remedy you desire. Donnelly Law LLC has many years of experience prosecuting and defending claims of tortious interference and other business related torts.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary duty generally exists when an individual owes a duty to a company, a business partner, or other shareholders.  Actions taken by officers, shareholders, members, or managers adverse to the interests of the company are often breaches of the fiduciary duty imposed on them.  At Donnelly Law LLC, we are experienced in evaluating issues of fiduciary duty, counseling clients on the obligations incumbent with those duties, and litigating disputes concerning alleged breaches of those duties.

Posted by: kshain on June 21, 2016