Construction/Mechanic’s Liens

Construction/Mechanic's LienWhen you’ve completed work on a construction project of any type, your expectation is to receive payment for that work. However, it is not uncommon for both contractors and sub-contractors who work on large projects to go without payment for a significant period of time. We understand how damaging non-payment can be and we endeavor to help you through the legal process of obtaining and enforcing a mechanic’s lien to secure payment for the work performed.  We also have defended numerous property owners against improperly perfected lien claims or claims made for work never performed.

Understanding IL Mechanic’s Liens

The Illinois Mechanic’s Lien Act protects contractors against non-payment for work performed on both private and publicly funded projects.   However, in order for a mechanic’s lien to be valid, there are certain legal requirements which must be strictly adhered to, including filing and notice deadlines.  Failure to meet one of the many deadlines could mean that the lien is unenforceable.

Donnelly Law LLC has represented both contractors and owners in legal actions seeking to foreclose on mechanic’s liens.

Posted by: kshain on June 21, 2016