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Restrictive Covenants

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At Donnelly Law LLC, we understand that how companies are increasingly concerned with protection of their intellectual property rights, employees, and customers. Technological advancement, mobility of the workforce, the overall speed at which information is shared, distributed and disseminated have led companies to use and enforce restrictive covenants to protect their sensitive information, trade secrets, and customer/client information.

A restrictive covenant is an agreement that seeks to restrict the activities of the employee after they leave the company for another job. Employers look to these agreements in an attempt to prevent, among other things, trade secrets from being taken by former employers and shared with a competitor. They can also be used in an attempt to prevent former employees from working for a competitor or from soliciting employees or customers. The enforceability of restrictive covenants is an evolving legal issue in Illinois where the law generally disfavors agreements that are unnecessarily restrictive to the employee.

At Donnelly Law LLC, we keep a close eye on the evolution of the law’s treatment of restrictive covenants. Whether your company is seeking to use restrictive covenants to protect intellectual property or you are an individual seeking advice as to the enforceability or scope of a restrictive covenant, Donnelly Law LLC can provide you with the counsel you need.

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